Dress the Part?

I’m reading Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D. and it’s filled with useful tips and things to think about as it pertains to being a woman in a man-dominated industry (and world). I just got to Chapter 7 “How You Look” and I was struck by this sentence:

“Research shows that about 55 percent of your credibility comes from how you look.”

By the end of the page, I picked up my pen and immediately began to write the following.

Travis Barker says, “I will never not be myself just to gain something, and I will break every stereotype.” He does dress the part: he dresses like a self-confident rocker. So, who am I? What part should I dress?

I would say my style is gender fluid. I mix and match “masculine” and “feminine” styles together. Floral leggings with a Wolverine t-shirt. Boots with a sexy dress instead of heels.

I’m a creative.
An artist.
I dress as such.

I suppose, if I wanted to conquer Wall Street or sell real estate or teach I would dress accordingly. Then again, I’ve been in corporate settings and still let my inner artist shine through my hair and accessories.

I’m glad I connect to my innet artist and present myself as such. I suppose you never have to guess if I’m a creative.


Basically “Straight”?

Today, I was asked if I’m “basically straight”, and I thought that wording choice was so interesting. I’m in a heterosexual relationship and have been in heterosexual relationships for much of my life. I’ve never really identified as “straight”, though. “Straight” never felt right. (I dislike that word, by the way. What are opposites of “straight”? Curved? Diagonal? Curved actually sounds pretty cool, but I digress…) Continue reading “Basically “Straight”?”