Spring Into Action!

SPRING IS HERE and I couldn’t be more excited!

While getting my new tattoo yesterday, I read an article on Elephant Journal about how the beautiful lotus flower emerges from the mud. The idea was “no mud, no lotus”.

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Dress Code

After the first time
After I lay beside him
On top of him
All present
All unwrapped

After walking him to the bathroom
After letting the light shine
Over all this vulnerability
And all this booty
And all this bravery

After returning to the room
Without him

My bedroom
My sheet wrapped around
My body

“You don’t have to cover yourself…”
He says

After losing myself
In soft caresses
And friendship

As if the closer we are
The more I should hide

But, now
I praise the uncovered
The shirt off my back
The heat of my body
The gospel according to these thighs
The Song of Sensuality
The “come as you are”
But leave “as you are willing to be”

‘Cause at my church
There is no dress code.

|*written based on the Rachel McKibbens Prompt: If your body is a church, what memory is its god?

Not So Random Thoughts On: Numbing The Pain Away

Some years ago, I reached an extremely low point in my life. I was in a marriage that was destined to end trying desperately to be the wife I thought I should be. I was on the other side of the country, away from my family, struggling to find my identity. I was a young military wife and editor just trying to keep my mouth above water.
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