Never Land

​he kisses another girl
the sharpest of pin pricks
ruby red tears staining stockings
mended lovingly for him

a shoebox of thimbles
rusted and ignored
an outstretched dainty finger
waiting to be remembered

“you’ve forgotten

“you’ve forgotten
all about me”

a leap from window

“I can fly…”

“I can fly…”

“I’m flying.”


Not So Random Thoughts On: Release

Mercury’s Retrograde is over! Yay!

Mercury’s Retrograde is a time of confusion. Electronics don’t work. Thoughts are fuzzy. Words don’t come out right. There’s miscommunication. Just a whole slew of random complications.

Yesterday morning on the way to work, my scooter crapped out on me 4 times! In traffic. My scooter is part electric. “Thanks a lot, retrograde!”

But, it’s over. {sigh of relief} Today is a new day free of the planetary fuckshit that has been driving us all crazy the first month of the new year.

“Yay, freedom!”

I’m so excited. I’m also sick, so that’s a bummer. But, we’ll complain about that another day.

Let’s talk about “Release”

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