Spring Into Action!

SPRING IS HERE and I couldn’t be more excited!

While getting my new tattoo yesterday, I read an article on Elephant Journal about how the beautiful lotus flower emerges from the mud. The idea was “no mud, no lotus”.

Buddha with lotus by Richard aka Rictorskillz

I’ve been experiencing some mud in the form of low self-esteem. I’ve been questioning my value, my gifts, my intuition, my relationships, my place in the world… You name it; I’ve felt down about it. So much mental crap. So much “mud”. And I’m starting to feel myself climbing towards the surface to bloom.

I’ve created the awesome habit of using a physical planner*. Each week, typically Sunday, I pull out my planner, a pencil, a pen, colored pencils, and my phone and sit down to plan my week and set an intention for the week. It helps me get a mental snapshot of how my week will go and allows me to see how I can plan ahead for travel/traffic, make schedule adjustments, mentally prepare for social events—because… you know… social anxiety—and set my task list for the week.

This past week's overview in The InnerGuide 2016 Planner

At the end of the month, I do the same thing, but plan ahead for the next month, including looking at my financial obligations for the month to plan accordingly.

This habit has really helped me set aside time to be organized and has taken a lot of stress off of me.

Looking forward to April, and Spring, in general, my intention is to enter this new season with a renewed sense of self: self-worth, self-care, self-esteem, and self-preservation. I tend to give and give and give until my tank is damn near empty, then sit alone, crying because I’m too exhausted to ask to be refilled.

Not this time.

I HAVE to make myself THE #1 priority. That’s it. Is that selfish? Maybe. I don’t care.

I have to fill my time with activities and interactions that are nourishing to my spirit. I can’t say “yes” to everyone because, sometimes, that means saying “no” to me. And I deserve all of the “yeses” I can give myself. Yes, I do.

New tattoo?

Yes, girl!

New autographed Travis Barker** poster?

Hell yeah! Get it!

Lay on the couch watching reality tv?

Yes. Now, be quiet so I can hear.

Don’t like this book that’s changing so many lives?

Stop reading it and find something you like.

Want to play “Push Em”*** as loud as your car stereo allows?

Do that shit.

Still hungry?

Eat more!

Thirsty, but can’t stomach water?

Drink ALL the coconut water, boo!

It’s time to grow and bloom and flourish and take steps towards being the dope ass lotus flower bomb I am meant to be.

What steps can you take RIGHT NOW towards greater self-care? How can you tell the universe, “Hey! I am my priority. My health**** is my priority. I am in a space to attract all that is good to me”? Write a list of small steps. Then, get to stepping!

|*I use The InnerGuide 2016 Planner; however, there are tons of planners out there. So, find one that works for you! I personalized my planner with a music themed cover using stickers from a craft store, and put quotes on the inside cover.
|**Travis Barker is easily my inspirational guru. Every interview I watch reaffirms how much adoration I have for him and his work ethic.
|***Travis plays drums on this track, so it’s a high energy mix of Yela’s vibe and Trav’s beats. I love it. It gets me amped and wakes me up in the morning.
|****Meaning, overall health: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.


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