Basically “Straight”?

Today, I was asked if I’m “basically straight”, and I thought that wording choice was so interesting. I’m in a heterosexual relationship and have been in heterosexual relationships for much of my life. I’ve never really identified as “straight”, though. “Straight” never felt right. (I dislike that word, by the way. What are opposites of “straight”? Curved? Diagonal? Curved actually sounds pretty cool, but I digress…) For awhile, I identified as bisexual, but that has always seemed like a space I didn’t really fit into either. Most recently, I’ve found security in identifying as queer. Queer feels good to me. During the conversation with the original asker of the question, I mentioned that I identify as queer and it felt effortless.

I guess my point is, no one knows you like you. No one knows your heart and your core like you. And what you feel may change. That’s cool. That’s life. That’s growth. People like to put others into boxes with nice labels so they know how to engage with them. How to approach them. How to judge them. For better or worse.

Fuck that. We are many things. And we should find connection in our similarities. We should also find opportunity in our differences. We should be excited about the many different things we each have to offer. And learn from our differences so we can grow even more in this lifetime.

Any way, as always, be kind to one another. Be inquisitive. Be open. Be loving. Be you. Always.


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