The Magic of Perseverance and Trusting Your Gut

​Yesterday, through sheer perseverance and the magic of the universe, I made it into blink-182’s soundcheck for the amazing price of FREE. I stood directly in front of Mark, using sheer willpower not to cry. (Okay, I wept a bit.) Since I already saw them in Vegas (Travis twice), I used the opportunity to record video, which I’m refusing to share because it is “my precious” and is mostly Mark walking back and forth in front of Travis.

I did it. I could’ve given up and walked away, but I didn’t. It may seem silly to get so emotional about seeing a band some of you don’t even know, but it was and is such a big freakin’ deal for me. Nobody knows everything I’ve been through in life but me. And only I truly know how hard it is for me to trust my intuition, trust the universe, and go for what I want.

I wanted to meet Travis Barker and see him play live. I found free tickets on the street to see him play a solo set in Vegas. I met him, Mark, and Matt and Matt remembered me from the solo set. I saw them play live. I wanted to see them again. I came up on some great seats from a super sweet person I didn’t even know. I wanted to get into soundcheck. I randomly found out the secret time and got in. I saw them live again. And along the way, I kept running into random friends of the band. These were my confirmations to keep going.

I did it. And I’m going to keep doing it because the universe is on my side.

And, guess what? The universe is on your side, too. So stop doubting yourself. Make that shit happen.


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