my sister is a switchblade
is a pretty, glistening thing
will seperate you from yourself
if you hold her like a freshman

my sister is a rattle shake warning
is a peacock plume
is hyena laugh
is cute as a bunny
with teeth like a lion

my sister is a carpenter
built an ark in seven days
and sailed away all by herself

my sister nomadic
no use trying to get close
she don’t stay nowhere too long

my sister got shit to do
got people to see
got children to feed
and she stay hungry
so work stay coming

my sister work
my sister work hard
my sister ain’t got time to talk to you
’cause time is money
and she ain’t got time
if you ain’t got money, honey

my sister say where the cash at?
say swedish fish and cotton candy
say squeeze lemons into chocolate cake
say we bulls will trample you
if you think you brave

oh, you think you brave?
you think you strong, huh?

my sister say strength is mental
say you ain’t got nothin’ up there
but false memories
ain’t got nothin’ in chest
but air, homie
say you ain’t bad
you just believe yo lies

my sister say truth
say this truth mine
say fuck yo opinion
say fuck what you heard
if I ain’t said it

my sister say what she feel
say get the fuck out my face
say mind yo business
say why you all up in the kool-aid
ain’t brought enough sugar to the table

my sister say drink up
say soak it all in
say viva la vida
say yolo
say fuck it, then
for real for real

my sister boughetto
be vera wang and nikes
be diamonds are a girl’s best friend be my best friend

my sister be a woman
be a fighter
be a mother
be a text away
whenever I need her

my big sister be the reason
I be a switchblade


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