This Body Ain’t No Invitation (19/30)

nothing about these curves
says “touch me”
nothing about this smile
says “this is for you”
this body ain’t no invitation

I am not moving my hips
to entice you
not hoping you see something
in lil ‘ole me
this is not a desperate plea
for attention

not a knock at your door
in a coat
and nothing more
trust me
I’m not trying to seduce you

this is self-care

wearing what I want
moving how I want
this my song
can’t nobody tell me different

this is black girl freedom

escaping into music
to feel closer to my god
shaking out the demons
and daring them return

oh, how comfortable
some men feel
claiming ownership
of a woman

how we dare be moving
and breathing
and it not be an offering
to their egos

how we dare be
and it not be
an early birthday present

this is what it’s like
to be a woman
out in public

this is why I carry a knife

|This poem is based on an experience I had out with some friends a few weeks ago. Originally, I told the story of how a guy grabbed my ass and what happened thereafter. I literally took out the entire middle of the poem. I like it better this way.


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