I’m Totally Crying Over Blink-182 and I Regret Nothing

We interrupt your regularly scheduled poetry posts to bring you this important message:

I am having a legit drummer fangirl/band groupie moment.

Blink-182—yes, “Say it ain’t so. I will not go” Blink-182—released a new track yesterday*. It’s called “Bored To Death” from their upcoming album “California” and features Alkaline Trio guitarist and singer Matt Skiba**.

The track is everything.

EV-E-RY-THANG, I tell ya!

It sounds like all of my favorite rock songs in one. It makes me happy and kinda sad and moves me and makes me cry. If this is what Skiba is bringing to Blink, I’m #teamskiba fo’ life.

So, here I am. Crying my face off like I just got my income tax check because:

–The new song is THAT good.
–I can see the opening show of the tour in my favorite city***.
–I can AFFORD to see the damn show and get VIP tickets.
–I messaged Travis and he hit me back.****

I told hubby a few days ago that I think I’m a band groupie. He asked how it felt. “Good!” It feels so good and here’s why….

As a poet, I write my own shit. Granted, my friend Wap gave great editing notes for my “Clutch” poem a few days ago, but the words are all mine. So many artists out now have ghostwriters who sing songs they didn’t write over music created with a machine. And that’s cool. But, there is nothing like live music. Live guitar. Live drums. That’s what Prince gave us: heart and soul we can dance to.

Enter Blink-182. A band that I was too young to really appreciate when Travis joined. I’ve been aware of them and admired Travis, but Blink wasn’t a part of me like it is now. Now, I get to go back and watch the music videos and collect all the albums. AND I get to be here for this new Blink.

We lost MJ. We lost Prince. We lost Whitney. I will never get to see them in concert. I will never get to share a moment with a sold out crowd that will last forever.

I can do that with Blink. I can watch Mark and Matt rock vocals and guitar together. I can see Travis get wicked in the city I love and have been waiting to return to.


I can do this now.

I have to do this now.

“Life is too short to last long…”*****
|*Written yesterday. Posted today because #life.
|**I have refused to listen to any Skiba music up until now because #teamtom. Now, I have to go back and get into Alkaline. Also, “Skiba” is superfun to say. Try it.
|***I got divorced and found my independence in San Diego. I joined a poetry family in San Diego. I made great friends and did a bunch of crazy shit in San Diego. I married the love of my life in San Diego. San Diego is everything to me.
|****We had a bit of a back-and-forth last week, which caused me to melt into a puddle on my kitchen floor, so to get a response again today… *swoon**melt**evaporate*
|*****See?! I’m already obsessed with “BTD” and incorporating it into my life. Side-note: the part of the song about the dive bar is my favorite. That, and Travis’ drumming at the end, of course.


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