You Are Where You Need To Be

Today on my walk to my favorite café with baby Ember:

-we escorted a blind woman to her friend’s house as she had been dropped off on the wrong street. She held my arm and we set off. During our brief walk, we talked about the weather and laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company. When we got to her friend Patty’s house, they laughed together. Patty said, “Thank you! We didn’t know what we would do. Two blind ladies!”

-a woman approached us in the café saying, “Hi. My husband is in the hospital dying and your little baby makes me feel good.” She smiled a bit and enjoyed Ember’s company briefly before returning to her table of friends. I said a silent prayer for her and her family. I’d ask you to do the same.

-a man approached us saying, “Hi, baby! Keep smiling. Don’t give up on smiling!”

A few other people interacted with us, smiling, saying, “Hello,” and otherwise being lovely people.

Everything happens for a reason. The universe is working in our favor to bring us where we need to be at the exact moment that we need to be there.

Trust the process.


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