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I bought Travis Barker’s Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums a few weeks ago and I was so excited to bring it home from the book store. The book jacket is so striking*, but I’ve gotten in the habit of removing the jackets on hardback books.** I took the jacket off and was like, “Damn. Even the spine is dope.”

parts of the book jacket in my Bliss Book + the dope ass hardback spine

I’ve had a crush on Travis for quite some time, so reading this book was like a reintroduction and more. I’m always drawn to passionate people***, passionate guys especially, then I end up researching and finding out cool things I never would have known simply by enjoying their art (or their faces).****

This book was cool for me because it had so much heart and vulnerability and inspired me to take a break from reading to look up a lot of the songs and music videos that are referenced. Just this morning, I was driving to work bumpin’ “Can A Drummer Get Some”.

It’s been a rough couple of days for me with no true rest or relaxation. Yesterday, I decided I would read. From about 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., I sat on the couch reading the book and watching music videos between reading. I felt like when I was reading The Da Vinci Code and would stop to look up images and fact-check. I love an experience that causes me to dig deeper and learn.

All in all, the book was easy to digest with the way that it’s written. I’m almost sad that I finished it because there’s nothing left to read from Travis’ perspective. I’ll be looking into the music more, but I just decided to take a social media break, so I won’t even be seeing his IG or Snapchat posts.

This book has inspired me in a lot of ways. Travis’ work ethic really shines through and he touches on key life practices that are right on time for me—like maintaining your physical-mental health balance.

It’s a really dope book from a really dope person who also happens to be really hot. And, as the universe does all things well, he just so happens to be a few weeks older than my hot hubby.

And the crush continues.

|*The more I read, the more I felt connected to Travis, so I added part of the book jacket to my “Bliss Book” like I had done with part of Amber Rose’s book jacket.
|**It just is nice to hold the book without the jacket slipping all around and also keeps people from asking questions about the book when they can’t tell what you’re reading: handy, dandy, social anxiety tip.
|***I got a soft spot for “artistic intellectuals” and “soft cores with rough edges”.
|****Like I found out Idris Elba raps and Michael B. Jordan used to write poetry and Troy Polamalu gardens.


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