The Universe Sends Signs

I found my Pop-Pop’s knife, immediately sat down on the ottomon my WB family just gave to me, cried soooo hard, looked up, and saw a hummingbird way up in a tree.

My Pop-Pop collected everything and gave away few things. I really like this knife and he let me take it home. When we moved to the new house almost 2 years ago, things got stored and I couldn’t find it. When my Pop-Pop passed away late 2014, I ached for this knife. Some piece of him I could hold.

Pop-Pop's Knife

And here it is. Just as I was thinking back to a recent breakdown that I haven’t quiet recovered from… Just as I was empowering myself with a mantra reminder that I know what’s best for me and other people’s opinions of me don’t matter, no matter who they are… Here it is. My Pop-Pop’s knife. My reminder to be sharp. To take no shit from no one. To burn a flame to “keep it light”.

I got it, Pop-Pop. I remember who I am.


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