Coaching Challenge Accepted!

A few people in my life have suggested I become a counselor or life coach. My ideal self would not sit in a classroom in pursuit of a degree, so my real self is completing a free course called “Conversations That Inspire: Coaching” from Case Western Reserve University through Coursera*.

I just completed the modules for Week 1 of the course where we discussed PEA (Positive Emotional Attractors) and NEA (Negative Emotional Attractors). In short, when it comes to impacting positive changes in ourselves and others, we need NEAs “to survive” (“This relationship makes me anxious and I need space,”) and PEAs “to thrive” (“Yoga makes me feel good and I want to make it a daily practice!”)

At the end of the course, I was tasked with recording my emotions 2 – 3 times daily for a week alongside what is going on when I record those emotions. At the end of the week, I’m to:

Look for patterns in my emotions.
Think of ways I can foster more postivity in my life.
Consider my relationships and, if any contain negative aspects, consider how I can add more positivity.**

Challenge accepted!

As luck would have it, I just started tracking my emotions through an app called Pacifica! AND the app has a spot to record what’s going on when I record my emotions. AND shows a graph of my moods (or mood swings!) AND has a place where I can record why I’m feeling the way I am and guide me through reframing negative thoughts. #winning

Of course, pen and paper work just as well, but I’m already using the app, so there you go!

I’m up for the challenge of monitoring my emotional state for a week. Are you?

UPDATE! The Pacifica app sends you an email report of your progress at the end of each week. Gah! This is so helpful!
|*Coursera is an online platform that offers free courses from prestigious institutions of higher learning. Ideal for someone like me who cringes and has a mini panic attack at the idea of paying/owing tons of money to sit in a classroom full of strangers learning stuff I might not care about to get to the stuff I do care about.
|**Or end the toxic relationship(s) ’cause sometimes it just ain’t worth it..


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